The Heavy Session Playlist – 13/11/15

1. Motorhead ‘Go To Hell’ Iron Fist
2. Motorhead ‘Bomber’ Bomber
3. Ram ‘Return Of The Iron Tyrant’
4. Lacuna Coil ‘Daylight Dancer’ Comalies
5. Entombed ‘Blood Song’ Wolverine Blues
6. Ilsa ‘Pass Out’ The Felon’s Claw
7. Iron Maiden ‘Moonchild’ Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
8. Queensryche ‘Revolution Calling’ Operation Mindcrime
9. Silent Knight ‘Empty Threat’ Conquer & Command
10. Infra ‘Communion’ Initiation On The Ordeals Of Lower Vibrations
11. Hour Of 13 ‘Grim Reality’ Hour Of 13
12. Black Sabbath ‘Mob Rules’ Mob Rules
13. Samael ‘Virtual War’ Above
14. Crystal Lake ‘Prometheus’ The Sign
15. Elvira Madigan ‘Crestfallen’ Witches – Salem (1692 vs. 2001)
16. Motorhead ‘The Chase Is Better Than The Catch’ Ace Of Spades


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