The Heavy Session Playlist – 20/11/2015

Christian Mistress / Stronger Than Blood / To Your Death (2015)

Puscifer/ Money Shot / Money Shot (2015)

Motorhead / Love Me Like A Reptile / Ace Of Spades

Gentlemans Pistols / Coz Of You / Hustlers Row

White Widow / Caught In The Crossfire / Crossfire

Night Demon / Screams In The Night / Curse Of The Damned

Def Leppard / Let It Go / High And Dry (1981)

Fates Warning / Kiss Of Death / Night On Broken

Horizons Edge / Vagabond / Heavenly realms

Ozzy Osbourne / Believer / Diary Of A Madman

Blue Cheer / Parchment Farm / Vincebus Eruptum

Radio Sun / Caught Between Heaven and a Heartbreak / Heaven Or Heartbreak

Battle Beast / Speed and Danger / Unholy Savior

Queensryche / Eyes Of A Stranger / Operation Mind Crime

Mercenary / Soul Decision / The Hours That Remain

Black Majesty / Tomorrowland / Tomorrowland

Mantissa / Mary Mary / Mossy God

Crimsonfire / Age Of Aquarius / Crimsonfire

Enforcer / Stellar Plains / Speak The Tongue Of The Heathen Gods

Jimi Hendrix / Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Woodstock




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