The Heavy Session Playlist – 08/07/2016

  1. Nevermore ‘Born’ This Godless Endeavor (2005)
  2. Enforcer ‘Undying Evil’ Undying Evil (2015)
  3. Honeymoon Disease ‘Higher’ The Transcendence (2016)
  4. Gentlemans Pistols ‘Time Wasters’ Hustler’s Row (2015)
  5. Black Sabbath ‘Black Moon’ Headless Cross (1989)
  6. Metalian ‘The Traveller’ Metal Fire & Ice (2015)
  7. Dreadnaught ‘The Hated’ Caught The Vultures Sleeping (2016)
  8. Venom ‘Long Haired Punks’ From The Very Depths (2015)
  9. Blood Duster ‘Porn Store Stiffie’ Cunt (2001)
  10. Mercenary ‘Soul Decision’ The Hours That Remain (2006)
  11. Anthrax ‘Crawl’ Worship Music (2011)
  12. Elm Street ‘Heart Racer’ Knock ‘Em Out… With A Metal Fist (2016)
  13. Gygax ‘Draw Breath’ Critical Hits (2016)
  14. Elderblood ‘In Burning Hands Of God’ Messiah (2016)
  15. Dream Evil ‘The Book Of Heavy Metal’ The Book Of Heavy Metal (2004)
  16. Spiritual Beggars ‘Dark Light Child’ Sunrise To Sundown (2016)
  17. Crobot ‘Not For Sale’ Welcome To Fat City (2016)
  18. Mahogany Rush ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout A Feelin’ Child Of Novelty (1974)



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