The Heavy Session Playlist – 12/8/16

  1. Mastodon ‘The Wolf Is Loose’ Blood Mountain
  2. Fates Warning ‘Anarchy Divine’ No Exit
  3. Envenomed ‘Horror Movie’ Single
  4. Iced Earth ‘Declaration Day’ The Glorious Burden
  5. Astral Doors ‘The Last Temptation Of Christ’ Notes From The Shadows
  6. Artillery ‘Cosmic Brain’ Penalty By Perception
  7. Anthrax ‘Among The Living’ Among The Living
  8. Celtic Frost ‘Domain Of Decay’ Monotheist
  9. Cacophony ‘Sword Of The Warrior’ Go Off!
  10. Led Zeppelin ‘Immigrant Song’ Led Zeppelin III
  11. Nazxul ‘Set In Array’ Iconoclast
  12. Sacred Few ‘Beyond The Iron Walls’ Beyond The Iron Walls
  13. Blues Pills ‘Elements And Things’ Lady In Gold
  14. Shining Fear ‘Final Sentence’ Apocalife
  15. Pain ‘Call Me’ Coming Home
  16. Profanatica ‘Host Over Cup’ The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy
  17. Thin Lizzy ‘Suicide’ Fighting






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