The Heavy Session Playlist: 16/09/16

  1. Anthrax ‘For All Kings’ For All Kings
  2. Absu ‘Amy’ Absu
  3. Crystal Viper ‘Tyrani Piekiel’ Crimen Excepta
  4. Halford ‘Made Of Metal’ Made Of Metal
  5. Arkhon Infaustus ‘Anunciation To The Holy Ghost’ Orthodxyn
  6. Exiled On Earth ‘Forces Of Denial’ Forces Of Denial
  7. Edge Of Sanity ‘Losing Myself’ Infernal
  8. Joe Satriani ‘New Last Jam’ Strange Beautiful Music
  9. Black Sabbath ‘After Forever’ Master Of Reality
  10. Peace Killers ‘Young Man’s Shoes’ Peace Killers
  11. Manowar ‘Kill With Power’ Hail To England
  12. W.A.S.P ‘The Neutron Bomber’ The Headless Children
  13. Neon Warship ‘In Waves’ Neon Warship
  14. Nevermore ‘Your Poison Throne’ The Obsidian Conspiracy
  15. Brainticket ‘Black Sand’ Cottonwoodhill



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