The Heavy Session Playlist – 31/03/2017

Armageddon ‘Equalizer’ Captivity & Devourment (Listenable Records)

Slayer ‘Necrophobic’ Reign In Blood (Def Jam)

Nidingr ‘On Dead Body Shore’ The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (Indie)

The Dillinger Escape Plan ‘Honeysuckle’ Dissociation (Party Smasher)

Anthrax ‘Panic’ Fistful Of Metal (Megaforce)

KISS ‘Plaster Caster’ Love Gun (Casablanca)

Grand Magus ‘Fear Is The Key’ (Rise Above)

Blunt Shovel ‘Gravel Rash Face’ Get In The Ground (Goatsound)

Death Angel ‘Mistress Of Pain’ The Ultra-Violence (Enigma)

Symphony X ‘In My Darkest Hour’ Underworld (Nuclear Blast)

Carcass ‘Zochrot’ *Decibel Flexi (Nuclear Blast)

Motorhead ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Bomber (Bronze)

Nails ‘You’ll Never Be One Of Us’ You’ll Never Be One Of Us (Nuclear Blast)

Mastodon ‘Ghost Of Karelia’ Crack The Skye (Reprise)

Arch Enemy ‘Carry The Cross’ Doomsday Machine (Century Media)

Meshuggah ‘Clockworks’ The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Nuclear Blast)

Magick Touch ‘Trouble & Luck’ Electrick Sorcery (SCS)

W.A.S.P. ‘The Real Me’ The Headless Children (Capitol)

Devin Townsend Project ‘Transcendence’ Transcendence (Hevy Devy)

Venom ‘Mephistopheles’ From The Very Depths (Spinefarm)




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